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How To Promote Your Blog
Courtesy: Austin-Distel/Unsplash


Have you devised a plan to promote your blog?

If you’re anything like me, the fact that you actually have to raise awareness about your blog probably never crossed your mind. 

I was under the impression that once my blog was live on the world wide web, everyone world wide would see it without any assistance from me.

In my mind, everything was supposed to happen like a carefully orchestrated magic trick that goes something like this. 

I write my article, press the ‘Publish’ button, and pesto – millions of readers around the globe are suddenly reading my post, which by the way, magically appears on their computer screens at the exact same time no matter where they are located.

My heart nearly bursts with pride at the mere thought of people everywhere, reading an article I wrote while sitting in a coffee shop or relaxing at home.

Go ahead. Admit it. You probably thought the same thing would happen after you published your first article, too.  

Unfortunately, like a magic trick that scenario is an illusion rather than reality. 

It wasn’t until I took an online class about how to start a blog that I learned you also have to promote your blog. 

Otherwise, it is going to sit on the runway at the bottom of the blogosphere like a 747 waiting to lift off and soar. 

It doesn’t matter whether you are blogging for fun or blogging for business you have to promote your blog. It is a crucial part of the blogging process.

The immediate goal, obviously, is to let your readers know your blog exists and how to find it. 

That’s an important task, especially when one considers the number of blogs posted per day is staggering and the number of readers is mind-blowing. 

In order for your blog to standout in an overcrowded arena, it has to appeal to your target audience, it has to grow into a giant in your genre, and it has to have a successful promotional campaign. 

Don’t know how to promote your blog or where to start? Don’t worry. I’ve got you covered. I compiled a list of 5 winning strategies to help you get started.

Here’s what we are going to cover:

*Build An Email List

*Create An Announcement Campaign

*Target Your Audience

*Add Social Media Icons & Share Buttons

*Use Social Media Effectively

Ready? Let’s do it!

#1 Build An Email List

The most effective way to promote your blog is through email marketing. 

Email marketing campaigns can be used to notify your readers about new posts, products, services, courses, freebies, and big events you offer on your site. 

If you don’t know how to start an email list don’t fret. There are numerous email service providers available that offer an array of plans at various prices.

An effective email marketing strategy will help you glean valuable information about your readers, drive traffic to your blog, and boost revenue, if you decide to monetize it. 

Make every effort to grow your email list, keep it updated, and organized. 

Remember, you own your email list. It is a valuable resource that is as good as gold. 

Here are a few proven tips to help grow your email list.

  • Start your email list with people you know – friends, family, and associates.
  • If you belong to social or professional groups, ask the respective organizations to mention your blog in their newsletter or offer to write an article for their newsletter.
  • Give visitors something of value related to your niche free of charge.
  • Respond to emails in a timely manner.
  • Use an emotional subject line that will make your readers feel as if you are writing only to them and not to your hundreds, thousands or millions of subscribers. That will make them more inclined to open your email.
  • Don’t be deceptive with your subject line. If your readers feel like they were tricked into opening your email, they will click the unsubscribe link, delete your email, and never go or return to your site.

#2 Create An Announcement Campaign

Another effective strategy you can use to promote your blog is an announcement campaign. 

The day my blog went live online, I created an announcement campaign. It was a simple message about my blog that included a link to my site. I sent it to family, friends, and associates via text and email. 

I asked each recipient to check out my site, interact with the tools, and forward the link to their family, friends, and associates, and ask each of them to do the same.

I discovered through the years that word of mouth messaging is powerful. 

Readers are more likely to take action and read your blog based on the recommendation of someone they know and trust.

Remember the last time a friend or loved one told you about a great book they read or a great movie they saw? 

Chances are you followed through, took action, and read the book or watched the movie, right?

That’s the idea.

Your announcement campaign can begin long before your first blog post goes live.

Here are some proven strategies you can use to help grow your email list before you post your blog.

  • Use text, email, and social media to send a promotional tease campaign informing your readers that something new and exciting is coming.
  • Use a count down approach to your promotional tease campaign. For example, if you have three or five different elements you can tease about your blog without giving the substance away, blast them out one day at a time via text, email, and social media before your blog post goes live.
  • Use a thoughtful promotional tease campaign approach that appeals to your reader’s emotions. Make them feel something – excitement, curiosity, anticipation.
  • Use text, email, and social media to announce when your blog is live and include a link.
  • Use text, email, and social media to thank your readers for supporting your announcement campaign.
  • Use text, email, and social media to promote your next blog post.

#3 Target Your Audience

When you are new to blogging it can be difficult to figure out whether you have an audience, let alone identify your audience.

Even the best bloggers with millions of followers will tell you their success didn’t happen over night. It takes a while to build a loyal following. How long does it take? Well, that’s anybody’s guess.

Thankfully, there are sites available to help you figure out your target audience and get free blog promotion at the same time.

The great thing about blog promotion sites is they are made up of a vast number of different communities with hundreds, thousands, and in some cases millions of members.  

You can read about their respective mission statements and goals on there respective sites then decide which group or groups you want to join.

Once you join, engage in conversation with your new community members to get a sense of whether the group is a good fit for you. 

Let’s concentrate on a few things that can help make your membership valuable and successful no matter which group you decide to join.

  • Don’t join a group for the sake of joining or for the sake of getting your content before a crowd.
  • Be involved. Offer suggestions. Leave helpful comments. Start conversations. The more you interact with members of your community and build a relationship, the more likely it is that they will read your content, share it, and post comments about it.
  • Be careful not to target the wrong group. Sometimes, community groups sound the same, but are vastly different. For example, if you blog about refurbishing antique cars, be careful not to join a  group that is interested in repairing cars nicked and dinged during hail storms, and vice versa.
  • Remember to give something of value to your group. Share your wisdom and knowledge. Help solve problems. Be encouraging and inspiring.
  • If you are considered an active and engaged member the more likely it is that members will read and share your content, visit your site, and return again and again.

#4 Add Social Media Icons and Share Buttons

If you want your readers to share your content, make it easy for them to do so. Place social media icons and share buttons in a prominent place on your blog.

Readers are quick to share quality content they enjoy and believe will benefit their friends, family, and associates.

Don’t expect your followers to copy, paste, and email or text your content. That can be time consuming and frustrating. Help them help you.

There are proven techniques to help you determine the best placement for social media icons and share buttons on your blog.

If you want to boost traffic to your blog (and I’m sure you do), the importance of social media follow and share buttons can’t be overstated.

Here are several tips to help you get the most out of using share buttons and social media icons on your blog.

  • Make sure your share buttons and social media icons are easy to find on your blog. Location is key. You don’t want your readers to have to search for them.
  • Be sure to connect your share buttons to social media platforms you use regularly and have established a presence.
  •  Test your share buttons and social media icons to make sure they work.
  • Don’t add too many share buttons and social media icons to your blog. You want to appear respectable and credible.
  • Keep in mind the easier it is to share your content the more likely it is to be shared.

#5 Use Social Media Effectively

Chances are you probably have several social media accounts, including Facebook and Twitter.

The question is are you using those platforms and others effectively?

Are you getting the most out of them to build a better social media presence for your blog?

If you post a tweet here or a comment there, that’s not nearly enough to generate attention to your blog.

To get the most out of social media you have to use it consistently and effectively, and find new ways to use it.

Remember the last time you tweeted something on Twitter? 

Did you use video?

It is an effective tool.

 Video is exploding on social media and it is not showing any signs of slowing down.

Facebook is another platform that generates a wealth of interest from video views, especially during live presentations.

I know. 

You probably don’t feel comfortable being on Facebook, let alone being live. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try something new.

Consider these three tips to get you live and active on Facebook.

  • Interview a guest live on Facebook about a topic you cover in your blog.
  • Demonstrate live on Facebook how to use a tool or gadget you write about in your blog.
  • Go live on Facebook and tell viewers about your new post. You might be surprised by what a five minute live spot can do to attract an audience

Still not sure about going live on Facebook?

Here are some Facebook live tips that can help you prepare for a great Facebook live presentation.


The five winning strategies mentioned above can help you promote your blog successfully. They are designed to put you on the right path to boost your blog traffic, boost your bottom line, and boost your business.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a food blog or a fashion blog or anything in between. These 5 winning strategies can be of great value when used consistently and effectively to promote your blog. 

Go ahead.

Get started.

Let me know how you’re doing.

Leave a comment below.

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